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Advantech's wireless IoT incorporates industry-leading RF specification and features such as 802.11 ac wave2, MU-MIMO, 802.11AX, and LTE CAT4/CAT6 /CAT9, to empower the newest wireless high data throughput solutions. Users can access their web and cloud application information through our high performance wireless solution to make sure their system will keep operating at its optimum performance.
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AIW-3 series LTE CAT4 mini PCI-e module for JP
  1. メインチップセット:Qualcomm MDM9X07
  2. 2x LTEアンテナ同軸コネクタ + 1x GPSアンテナコネクタ
  3. PCI Expressミニカード/USB2.0 bus
  4. データスループット:4G / LTECat. 4(FDD-LTE:150 Mbps DL、50 Mbps UL; TDD-LTE:130 Mbps DL、30 Mbps UL)
  5. 動作温度:30~75°C(通常) ・拡張:-40~ 85°C(拡張)


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